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Study into Municipal Restructuring in Southern Kings

On November 21, 2023, the Official Trustee passed this resolution to support commissioning a study to explore the possibility of forming a new municipality in the Southern Kings area.

The same resolution was adopted by the Rural Municipality of Murray Harbour.  The area would encompass the two rural municipalities and the fire districts of the Murray River and Murray Harbour fire departments.  The resolution also requests funding from the provincial government for the study.

The process, conducted by a consultant, will study the costs and benefits of establishing a more sustainable municipality in the Southern Kings Area.  It will include assessing the tourism and economic opportunities lost, an engagement process with those within the current municipalities and surrounding unincorporated areas, and the changes to the provincial tax to ensure that area residents do not have to pay more taxes if a decision is made to proceed.

We want to see our communities thrive and residents get all the services they deserve and expect. And we see the challenge of meeting these expectations at our current size and resources. 

However, we recognize that we may benefit by coming together with other communities in the area. These benefits could include increased infrastructure funding, tourism and economic development, attraction of new residents, proper land planning and community programming.  By having several smaller communities, we are missing out on much of this.

This study will enable the Councils to gather more information and consult with residents about the options, implications and viability of moving forward.

We will keep residents informed as the process unfolds, and if you have any questions, please contact the municipal office.

Please see Q&A document here that provides more explanation. 

Public Notice

Nominated Candidates

Nominees for one position of Mayor of Murray River:



Following the withdrawal of one candidate, nominees for six positions of Councillor:








                                          Election Information

Voting will take place at the Leona Giddings Memorial Library building, 1066 MacInnis Street on December 4, 2023, 9:00 am-7:00 pm.

Voters must bring one government-issued photo ID that shows name and civic address, or two other pieces of ID that show name and civic address.


The advance poll was held on November 30, with 10% voter turnout. Election results will be posted here after votes are counted on December 4. 


For further information, contact Returning Officer Amelia Campbell, weekdays between 9 am-5 pm, 902-962-3348, or 902-969-9846, or  municipalityofmurrayriver@gmail.com. The election office is open Tuesdays and Fridays, 9-3, at 1066 MacInnis St.


Information for  Candidates

Candidates are limited by the Elections Bylaw in the amount of their campaign expenses and contributions, and must file reports following the election. The limits are:
Candidate for:maximum allowable election expensesmaximum contribution per contributor (individual or organization)Maximum contribution by candidate or candidate’s spouse

Once elected, members of Council must file annual disclosure statements with the CAO. Members of Council are governed by Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest bylaws, as well as numerous bylaws which state how the municipality will be run (see the bylaws section of this website). The Municipal Government Act and its regulations govern all municipal councils on PEI.

Information for Electors

 The qualifications for electors are:

  • At least 18 years of age on December 4, 2023
  • Canadian citizen
  • Ordinarily resident in the Rural Municipality of Murray River on December 4, 2023, and
  • Resident of PEI since June 4, 2023, or earlier

There will be two ballots–one for Mayor, and one for Councillors. Votes may be cast for up to six (6) people on the Councillor ballot because there are six seats to be filled. 

Do I live in the Rural Municipality of Murray River?

If the property tax bill for your ordinary residence includes municipal charges for Murray River, you live in the municipality.

This map (inside the green boundary) is a depiction of the Rural Municipality of Murray River. If you live close to the border, and are not sure whether you are eligible to vote or not, please call the election office so we can check your civic address.

For more information contact the Municipal Electoral Officer (MEO) Robert Hughes or Returning Officer Jill Walsh at 902-741-2009 or municipalityofmurrayriver@gmail.com 

PEI Municipal Election Information can be found at www.peimunicipalelections.ca

History and Updates


The Murray River Pines is located by the MacLure dam. This elegant grove of red and white pines highlights one of PEI’s most beautiful settings. This natural area occupies four hectares (10 acres) on the east side of MacLure’s Pond, at the western side of the village of Murray River. Located on Provincial crown land, the stand is one of the best examples of old growth pine forest with some of the trees dating to pre-1870. The trail is approximately two km in length.

• In 1808 the MacLure dam was built to provide waterpower for the gristmill and sawmill. Some buildings are still standing around the dam. Today there is still a depression in the ground, which stretches right to the shore. This is where a shipyard was located which built the MacLure’s vessels before the turn of the century.

• Prior to the year 1940, there were no refrigerators; some households would have large blocks of ice cut out of the dam, which would then be stored in their icehouses. These blocks of ice would be completely covered with sawdust, which would keep the ice in a solid form until late in the summer. This was the only way to keep milk and other perishables as fresh as possible.

• Mussel Mud was also a business at the MacLure Dam. Over time, deep beds of shell and mud built up in the former estuary. These beds were called “mussel mud” and contained neutralizing shell and fertilizer for land, which had become acidic and nutrient poor through years of farming. Mussel mud was a valuable resource that was harvested and sold once the ice was strong.

Enterprising individuals would haul a digging frame equipped with a mud scoop onto the ice and using a horse powered capstan, winched in a rope that lifted a scoop of mud from the bottom to be sold to farmers waiting in line with their sleigh. The heavy ice only lasted a short time so farmers would often deposit the mud along the bank for later movement and get in line for another load.

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